I'm Danielle D. D'Eor-Hynes.  I am very happy to introduce you to our Firm.  Welcome to our WebSite, and to SKYPE-ference.  We are proud to be able to give you information on our Firm, explain what we do, what family law issues are, and introduce the members of Staff.  Please enjoy your time reviewing all the information, and even working with some of the worksheets you will find on the links that we have embedded on these pages.  I believe you will find it useful, easy to use, and enlightening.

      As Specialists in all areas of Family Law, it is our pleasure to work with you toward a resolution that you may not have been able to attain without the help of a Specialist.  Family law is full of emotional jungles, with tangles at every step of the process.  We pride ourselves in the personalized treatment of our Clients. We are committed to their interests and concerns.  

During the course of a family law issue, as it is pending in the Court system, there are often "follow-on" issues that can occur.  If those peripheral issues are not based in family law, we affiliate regularly with Attorneys with other areas of specialty to whom we may refer you.  We only refer to Attorneys in whom we have trust, and whose ethics are always above reproach.  While the ultimate choice as to which Attorney you choose to work with rests with you, our affiliation with other Attorneys is done with your needs in mind, and with your approval, ensuring a seamless representation of all your needs.

Most of the Court circuits require that parties attend "MEDIATION" before a final hearing is scheduled.  In some of the Counties in the State, mediation is required before any hearing is scheduled.   As a trained Mediator, Ms. D'Eor-Hynes firmly believes in mediation as a viable alternative to Court and all the negative comments that accompany most contested issues in Family Law.  Mediation allows the parties to sit down with a third-party neutral who has been trained to "think outside the box" to find resolutions to the issues faced in actions that bring out the worst in most clients.  While the parties are not required to reach an Agreement during this process, they are expected to appear for mediation, and to bargain in good-faith toward a resolution.  Often, it is the least costly way to reach the end of the long tunnel of contested court cases.  The parties are able to construct their own resolution to the issues.  This is far preferable to having someone in a black robe, sitting on a high bench, i.e., the JUDGE, who does not know either of them nor how they live their lives, tell them how they will do things for the next number of years.  While there are still some Courts in Georgia that do not require mediation, we Family Law Specialists agree that mediation is a tool that should be used in almost every case. 
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We conference and consult via SKYPE with clients, witnesses, and in Mediation sessions with clients, opposing parties, and opposing Counsel.  It is a great way to "meet" your Attorney, face-to-face, which is something no other Attorney in this area can offer. 

It's simple.  Just ask to schedule a "SKYPE-ference" 
when you call for an appointment.(Certain conditions apply)

Military Discounts - Please be sure to mention your Military Status!  Also, please note that the Military Parental Rights Act is now in Force.See the tab, above for further information on this new reform!


Family Law encompasses Divorces (contested, uncontested, and "hybrid"), AdoptionsChild Custody and Visitation issues, Legitimation/PaternityChild Support issues, Contempt for non-compliance of Family law Orders, Last Will and Testament and Living Wills (also known as Durable Medical Power of Attorney or Advance Directives), Power of Attorney (General, Financial, and for minor children)Gestational Contracts, Pre-Nuptial Agreements, and Protective Orders/Restraining Orders.  Quite often, many of these areas blend over into the Juvenile Court system, which is included in our areas of experience and expertise.


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